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specialkid9999 asked

Do we have anything on Earth that might have the properties of a Roxite Stone in Lagend?

It took me a second to remember what roxite even is since I only mentioned it by name like once and that was years ago.

For those not in the know roxite, or wave stone is a special mineral in the Latchkey Kingdom/70-Seas-iverse that may remotely manipulate water when it vibrates. This serves as the primary means of naval propulsion and has some other applications in harbor defense, refrigeration, and in theory you could even make some kind of weather machine out of it.

To answer the question; no, as far as I know there is no mineral that does or even could exist that would be able to do what roxite does. On Earth there is of course a mineral called bauxite, but that’s just an aluminum ore.

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Aoi Honoo is Too Real

Every update I’m like “I should just put a colour behind them, yeah, comics!” and then I draw a stupidly complex bg

Doing comics, drawing crowds and buildings…I understand the pain.


Also I’m so glad that my classroom generally doesn’t involve desks. Eff that noise.

yeah that’s comics.

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